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Gregg Morton of AT&T Call Me 615-944-7599

 "a grand jury would 'indict a ham sandwich,' if that's what you wanted New York State chief judge Sol Wachtler

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- Some officials are expressing concerns about a new policy to post free digital recordings online of oral arguments from all of Tennessee's appeals courts.

Clearly the Tennessee Statue Says that 
the "Victim" of Stalking MUST be an INDIVIDUAL

Sharyn Bovat Was Jailed TWICE for Stalking/Harassment of NISSAN.

Bovat sent emails to executives telling them NOT to waste taxpayer money & to stop discriminating.  Women in management at NISSAN went from 20.9% in 2006 down to 10% in 2009.

NISSAN Hired a Lawyer That Appeared at Grand Jury. The NISSAN head of corporate security testified against Sharyn - BUT NISSAN says they were "not involved". 

Bovat Was NOT Allowed to Defend herself & NOBODY Told the Grand Jury that the Stalking code in Tennessee CLEARLY states that the victim is an INDIVIDUAL.

Bovat did NOT stalk NISSAN....

Twice the Charge was dropped.  

Bovat lost credibility due to the charges. Sharyn Bovat was told in spring 2009 that NISSAN had 77 lawyers in Franklin. Yet Joe Baugh a former DA was hired from day 1 to "baby sit" the case. Why?  If this was "truly" the actions of Just Terry Wood the ADA.

Judge Jeff Bivins let a faulty case continue & told Bovat he'd have her in jail for a year. Sharyn is 47 years old & has NEVER done anything wrong.  She had a clean record. UNTIL the State of Tennessee let NISSAN "Swear Out" a Trespass charge & harassment charge.  The trespass charge is "sketchy"  Bovat was found guilty had to pay the "maximum"  $50 fine - it's = to a speeding ticket.  Still She claims she's innocent and says "educated people" know that she was railroaded.  It's ALL about her blogging.  Thank god Freedom of Speech is still allowed in America.  NISSAN was trying to make Sharyn Bovat quiet... That is why her life has been hell.

Judge Robbie Beal quashed MOST of Bovat's Subpoenas. 

Judge Time Easter Knowing that Bovat just lost her legal council for a valid reason did NOT give her time to prepare a defense at a Summary Judgment.   Bovat's lawyer withdrew on January 14th.  

January 28th he dismissed Bovat's malicious prosecution case based on:  

1) Grand Jury Indictment = Probable Cause
2) Case was dropped on Technical Issue (yet that's how a case like this is DROPPED).
3) An affidavit from the Williamson County ADA Terry Wood - who took a case that he know would be overturned in an Appeals court to a Grand Jury. Terry Wood made false statements in reference to a pre-trial diversion that he says he offered Bovat. Worse he lied and Bovat proved that in a motion she filed with the court.

Matt Largen of Williamson County - Relocate Me OUT of Tennessee ...
Jan 15, 2013 – From Jalopnik Article Oct. 5th, 2010 Williamson County ADA Terry Wood said Sharyn Bovat did not mention the Leaf prior to Oct 2010. That is ...
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Sharyn Bovat wants her reputation back and will take it to the SUPREME Court if needed:  Educated people KNOW that Bovat was "wronged" 

Those that know local politics and NISSAN's "close" relationship with the courts want Sharyn to fight to stop the Good Ole Boys.  Too much bond debt to a foreign com pay that does NOT provide the jobs promised.  A company that has taken federal money because in 2009 they had a "cash flow" problem. NISSAN marketing said it's to build a mass market EV - The NISSAN leaf is a flop. Just as Bovat blogged. 

Jon Brancheau the VP of marketing "dodged" his subpoenas... Guess he didn't get the memo that the constitution is NOT a valid document in Tennessee.  His was quashed.  Brancheau connected with Bovat on Linkedin AFTER she was identified the #2 security threat for NISSAN.  Who "connects" with the NISSAN Stalker?   Why would the man that Terry Wood "repeatedly" says had he been at the trial would have said I stalked him.... Still Carlos Tavares (as of November 2012) uses my address for his COSTCO membership.  

In court on monday I told the judge "David Letterman would not use his stalkers address for a COSTCO membership"  he still sided with NISSAN.

The judge knowing my lawyer had to withdraw due to  "Conflict of Interest"  Google " Stephen Preston CIA"  The court STILL did NOT give me time to prepare.... 

Judge Easter just let NISSAN "off the hook".... What do I do now?   I know Appeal... but I need to work the stress is horrible.  NISSAN is still abusing taxpayer money.

Also ....   He never did an affidavit...saying Sharyn Bovat stalked him.

Thus those at NSSAN that were apart of "bad" real estate deals that hurt the average person in Franklin Tennessee.  The city pays about 1 million in debt service - Just for the money they gave NISSAN.  NISSAN has 3,950,000,000 in IDB Bond debt and another 2 Billion guarantee.  When Carlos Ghosn "saved NISSAN" in the early 2000's ALL he did was "put the debt" on a credit card.   NISSAN execs told me the subsidy Nissan North America is gonna go "bust" and America will not get back the 1.4 Billion tax dollars and those in Rutherford County will be liable.  Bovat has stated on her blogs... if somethings NOT true call her and she'll CLARIFY.  In reference to this issue ... SILENCE.   

Appeals in Tennessee are Going to be ONLINE and Easily Available.   Bovat was told hers could be one that gets LOTS of tweets.   She has to learn how to "talk slow"....  she will.

People that care about the constitution know what happened to the NISSAN Whistleblower was wrong.

When shopping for a car - people will know that if they buy a NISSAN their supporting those that "abuse" power.  

grand jury indictment is a formal, written charge issued by a grand jury in a criminal case. Typically, the jury is charged with determining whether enough evidence exists to charge a suspect with a criminal offense. The jury usually consists of 12 average people who are randomly selected. The use of a grand jury indictment is intended to ensure that a prosecutor brings a case to trial only if there is probable cause to support the crime was committed by a suspect.
The Grand Jury Could NOT Read the Statue....
Historically, a grand jury indictment was used for determining whether to bring criminal charges in a number of common law countries. For example, England, Australia, and Canada all usedgrand juries during the twentieth century. In modern times, grand jury indictments occur primarily in the United States. Only some of the states, however, still use these indictments in prosecuting crimes. Grand jury indictments are also used in the United States if federal chargesare brought in a criminal case.
Typically, the suspect and his or her criminal attorney are not present during the grand jurytestimony. As a result, they usually do not have the opportunity to present any conflicting evidence. If a suspect wishes to testify, however, a prosecutor may permit the testimony.
If the grand jury determines that the case may be brought to trial, they issue a “true bill” decision, and the suspect is formally charged with the alleged crime. A “no true bill” decision is issued when the jury decides insufficient evidence exists for a criminal trial. The grand juryindictment itself is usually drafted by the prosecutor and simply approved by the jury. If a grandjury fails to indict a suspect, a prosecutor may try to indict the suspect again, using a secondgrand jury, although this practice is uncommon.
Jurisdictions that no longer use grand jury indictments in charging a crime usually have a preliminary hearing. At the hearing, the prosecution presents evidence relating to the crime to acriminal law judge. The judge then determines whether sufficient evidence exists for trial.

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Smart People Should NOT Live in Tennessee .... THe Chamber of Commerce Is NOT TElling the Truth.... Tennessee is NOT a Good Place to Have a Business Too Much Corruption. Too Much Racism.... It's a Corrupt Culture of Good Old Boy Cronyism

I Know How Some of the taxpayer money given to NISSAN  was spent....

The TennessÃ¥ee Governor Bill Haslam has done NOTHING.. His  office knows and "does NOT care"...  They protect a foreign company that does business with IRAN.... Why?

Guess the Governor is Corrupt.  Too bad I voted for him.

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Fwd: COO of Renault a Company that Does Business with Iran Using Whistle Blowers Address for COSTCO Membership… Sharyn Bovat "flips" Because Eric Holder's Guy Told Her to File Civil… Sharyn Thinks it's Criminal


Hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving. 
Please read this for you will understand the abuse that I've been "ranting" about. 

Thank you


While picking up my child's birthday cake on Saturday 
I learned that Mr. Tavares (My Former Client  Who was on the board of NISSAN Motors whose now the COO of Renault (NISSAN's parent company - that does a lot of business in IRAN).  This man Carlos Tavares that  I whistle blew too STILL uses my child's home address for his COSTCO membership, NISSAN said I was the #2 Security risk.  I was jailed 3 times.  Can YOU imagine how I felt when COSTCO told me that Mr. Tavares the former President of NISSAN Americas was STILL using my address for him membership?  Please watch this video of my Eric Holder "flip out"   I want people to  see the stress I'm under from 3+ years of being bullied by NISSAN

Mr. Tavares is a Good Guy - He wanted the corruption & discrimination to STOP 
In SPRING of 2009 Mr. Tavares knew I was going to blog about the corrupt people running NISSAN's HR.  A LOT of the stuff I blogged about was given to my by people that wanted Carlos Ghosn gone because of his "sleazy" business practices.  An IT expert from NISSAN contacted me about my internet security AFTER I started the blog. 

FYI- Mr. Tavares emailed me DIRECTLY in 2010 (When I exposed "too much" fraud he got nervous.)
Mr. Tavares STILL wanted my emails & ONLY shared with "Good Ole Boys" running HR after there was a "forward by rule" put on his Japanese email account.  

I had to fight in the Tennessee judicial system for OVER 19 months.  

NOW I'm battling NISSAN for my reputation back TWICE the "email stalking" charge was dropped.  

NISSAN accused me of STALKING a CORPORATION TWICE...both dropped and the police in Tennessee Jailed me 3 times...THe DA "let" it continue.  NISSAN paid a lawyer whose the former DA to "babysit" the case from 
day 1.  The STALKING Charges were inhumane. It destroys a person reputation.  

In July I filed a malicious prosecution and NISSAN is still "playing games"  Since I have a child this needs to get resolved.  She was 7 when I whistle blew and NOW she's 11.

VERY Important!!!

The judge in Tennessee quashed the subpoena to have Mr. Tavares speak at my trial. If the last minute "judge swap"  did NOT happen I would have been railroaded into jail for a year (They wanted me silent during the "election"... )That is why I was told the trial was moved from Sept. 2011 to February 2012.  

ALL this for a 1st time misdemeanor and 2 trumped up "email" stalking charges.  
YES!!! Email stalking.  

NISSAN was mad at me because I was emailing their employees and telling them to stop wasting taxpayer money.  

The trespassing charge was "trumped up too"  I'll go into details on that later...  Occupy Protestors in Nashville were charges with the "same" thing. they got snacks - released from jail with NO bond and their charges dropped within 24 hours.  The Tennessean wrote a LOT of stories on the Occupiers in Nashville.  I was jailed 3 times - abused in jail - not fed, bruised and got put in a cell with a woman accused of assault with a lethal weapon.   Why?

This was in a Jalopnik Article in 2010
This was written in Jalopnik in 2010... The mainstream media has ignored the story.

In court Rob Trayham said I was the #2 Security Risk for NISSAN.   I learned that NISSAN executives GLOBALLY were told this.  They put it in the computer system saying that I was "high risk"  Their is NO WAY in hell a "relocation consultant" could be that big of threat.   

A NISSAN employee accused me of using an ALIAS because I was using a "different" last name.  After this happened I told Mr. Tavares to refer to me as Sharyn Bovat and told EVERYONE my last name was BOVAT.
FYI- the alias was my child's dad's name.  some call it a married name.  NISSAN's paranoia got me scared - then I was told that Carlos Ghosn hired "ex CIA" from the NISSAN era and that was HOW he stayed in control.  I think that was told to me to scare me.   After I knew I was exposed I sent a letter to Bill Krueger (because I knew his wife- I used to scrapbook with Lyn) I told the NOW Vice Chairman that I "knew" their bullying & intimidation tactics because I was around the people that "wrote the book" on how.

What happened to me was INSANE.... All I did was whistle blow about wasted spending of taxpayer money & discrimination. Because Carlos Ghosn &/or his people feared me for my former CIA research work they TERRORIZED me and discredited me.  Over the years I've seen good honest people (like me) disappear, destroyed or murdered so I knew that I had to blog about ALL and tell the truth.   It was my only hope. I had to get people's attention and "hoped" that they remembered me. 

Because I told the truth my blogs are still viewed today by a LOT of people.  I've heard that some that have terrorized me because of my blogging are now facing IRS probes.  

NISSAN executives "swore out warrants" because they were stealing money from America.  NISSAN has about 6 Billion in American IDB debt.  Can a reporter invesigate?
  1. Mainstream Media PULLED Articles About NISSAN's IDB Debt
    Jan 14, 2012 – 
    Mainstream Media PULLED Articles About NISSAN's IDB Debt. Why did the Tennessean pull the article on the IDB Bonds that NISSAN has ...

Mr. Tavares did NOT want the EV to be built UNTIL NISSAN had "good technology" but Carlos Ghosn wanted the cash.  Catherine Perez who was the VP of Purchasing for Renault/NISSAN -my former client and Carlos Ghosn's former Mistress told me about NISSAN's "severe" cash flow problem.

Anyway... How would you feel if your life was "turned upside down" and then found out the #2 Guy at NISSAN's parent company Renault was "still" using your address for a COSTCO membership?

The Fraud is Real...  Rob McNeilly If YOU Really Care About the Community You'll  Do Something About It?

Mr. Morton. Do YOU Know Michael Bloomberg.. We Need Him On Board to Insist NISSAN Stops Doing Business in Iran

Mr. Morton I Was Told Last Week the Renault EV Was a Supreme Disaster.... 

NOW Mr. Tavares (My Former Client Who Uses My Child's Home Address for His COSTCO Membership...Still) Has Delayed the ZOE EV in Europe.  

He's Biting Time for Ghosn to Go.... Renault Has Already RECALLED All the French Made Twizzy EV Golf Carts....

Here's a Way to Make the 1.4 Billion Given to NISSAN NOT a Total Waste.... Basically USE the Renault/NISSAN Lies to Congress as LEVERAGE to Get Them to STOP Doing Business in IRAN.  Tell them They HAVE to Make the NYC Taxi of Tomorrow in Tennessee or Mississippi or They WIll Lose the Contract.....

America has a LOT of Amputees..  The Technology that Renault has can be "an asset" to give to America to "offset" the money that Carlos Ghosn and his executives "ripped off" from America. Why should American Technology that the taxpayers pay for help IRAN and we not get the benefit of their R&D?

NISSAN is trying to get the loan written off or  restructured.

Americans are tired of other nations abusing us.

I told someone today Renault might have to "cease" operations in Iran "just" to keep the companies "good standing in America"  I will encourage politicians to use your deceit about the Leafs technology and to use the fact the fraud happened and abuse of an American (me) happened.  The key is for the Obama administration to have the "balls" to insist on Renault & NISSAN to end business in Iran to compensate for the debt.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Loyal Customer At&T Asks Gregg Morton the President of At&T Tennessee and Chamber of Commerce "Buddy" of NISSAN SVP Scott Becker to Look at the Facts. It's Time to End the Good Ole Boy Network. Respect for Women-Gays-Hispanics & Jews- Stop the Abuse of the NISSAN Whistleblower.

Sharyn Bovat has been bullied for whistle blowing at NISSAN

Women in management at NISSAN was 20.9% in 2006 and it was 10% in 2009 the year Sharyn Bovat Whistle Blew.

Discrimination at NISSAN - Solyndra~NISSAN~Obama
Sharyn Bovat The NISSAN Whistleblower. Sharyn Bovat. Press Releases & Quotes · Solyndra~NISSAN~Obama · Electric Car Fraud · Discrimination at NISSAN ...

Sharyn Bovat got a call from a friend of the "late" Marvin Runyon.  He confirmed the Good Ole Boy element in Middle Tennessee.

People involved with the Chamber of Commerce are "members'

Sharyn Bovat was considered the top relocation consultant and "that" is why she worked with high level NISSAN executives INCLUDING Carlos Tavares the 1st EVP (NISSAN Motors board member) to relocate to the USA from Japan.

Gregg Morton - We're YOU in the Leadership Nashville class with Scott Becker and Mark Silverman?

Sharyn Bovat has had death threats for exposing "racism" and bad spending of taxpayer money.   Members of the Good Ole Boy Network "swore out" warrants jailing a "carpool mom" 3 times.

They tried to jail Sharyn a 4th time when she spoke out agains RACISM in the Williamson County Schools...

Sharyn can prove that modern day "ethnic cleansing" happened at Crockett Elementary.  

  1. Maria De Varenne Gannett
    Dec 5, 2011 – Maria De Varenne Gannett. I've learned the cronyism in the Tennessee courts is linked to the Civil War. Judges & members of only a few TN ...

    NISSAN has hired Baker Donelson to represent them in a malicious prosecution case that was file in July.   Bovat was told that NISSAN was "playing games" with her.  Sharyn is angry  Her child was 7 when she whistle blew and NOW her daughter is almost 11.  

Bovat wants her reputation back and wants Gregg Morton to tell Scott Becker to show RESPECT to women that STAND UP for equality and for the American taxpayers.  The Leaf fraud is REAL....

Sharyn Bovat pictured with NISSAN executives

Sharyn learned NISSAN was taking the taxpayer money because the company was having a "cash flow" problem.  ALL the bullying started when she asked WHY?

Jan 20, 2012
HOW I Learned About DOE Fraud...... Body Butter? I want people to know the truth. People need to know HOW I learned about the DOE fraud. Since I have a JURY trial February 1st I have decided to tell 100% Everything.

All I want is for NISSAN to mediate and to get the fuck out of this corrupt state that has NO RESPECT for hardworking ethical people.  Mr. Morton I'm sure people are tired of me "ranting" WHY don't you tell NISSAN to mediate then YOU can live your comfy life while others suffer from paying back bond debt that was created by "greedy or stupid" politicians.  

It's connected to SOLYNDRA and Darrell Issa's office knows about it

When I'm living in a different state YOU and Becker can play in the cesspool pool without anyone asking for accountability.

Sir, Do YOU think it's OK that NISSAN managers "bully" people into giving to UNITED WAY?

Then United way spends some of the $$$  to put up a BILLBOARD on the highway of Scott Becker?

More Later....

Do YOU know Rob McNeilly

YOUR Gonna Be Highlighted In Good Ole Boys Gone Wild....
It's time the CRONYISM in Tennessee "ended"   Sir did you have "anything" to do with the "lease" NISSAN got from the ECD when they "relocated" I was told "someone got a sweet deal"  I think the FEDS should ask questions.  Maybe the IRS too.  I'm NOT saying AT&T has anything to do with it... I just thought YOU might be aware of "details".... If not there's no harm in asking.  America and Tennesseans deserve the TRUTH in how taxpayer money was spent.  Do YOU agree?

We should work together in promoting transparency.  IF NISSAN does not mediate I have to stay in Tennessee to FIGHT for my reputation .. Maybe I can work at AT&T?  

I'm smart!!!

Just ask Scott Becker....
Sharyn Bovat