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Loyal Customer At&T Asks Gregg Morton the President of At&T Tennessee and Chamber of Commerce "Buddy" of NISSAN SVP Scott Becker to Look at the Facts. It's Time to End the Good Ole Boy Network. Respect for Women-Gays-Hispanics & Jews- Stop the Abuse of the NISSAN Whistleblower.

Sharyn Bovat has been bullied for whistle blowing at NISSAN

Women in management at NISSAN was 20.9% in 2006 and it was 10% in 2009 the year Sharyn Bovat Whistle Blew.

Discrimination at NISSAN - Solyndra~NISSAN~Obama

Sharyn Bovat The NISSAN Whistleblower. Sharyn Bovat. Press Releases & Quotes · Solyndra~NISSAN~Obama · Electric Car Fraud · Discrimination at NISSAN ...

Sharyn Bovat got a call from a friend of the "late" Marvin Runyon.  He confirmed the Good Ole Boy element in Middle Tennessee.

People involved with the Chamber of Commerce are "members'


Sharyn Bovat was considered the top relocation consultant and "that" is why she worked with high level NISSAN executives INCLUDING Carlos Tavares the 1st EVP (NISSAN Motors board member) to relocate to the USA from Japan.

Gregg Morton - We're YOU in the Leadership Nashville class with Scott Becker and Mark Silverman?


Sharyn Bovat has had death threats for exposing "racism" and bad spending of taxpayer money.   Members of the Good Ole Boy Network "swore out" warrants jailing a "carpool mom" 3 times.

They tried to jail Sharyn a 4th time when she spoke out agains RACISM in the Williamson County Schools...

Sharyn can prove that modern day "ethnic cleansing" happened at Crockett Elementary.  

  1. Maria De Varenne Gannett

    Dec 5, 2011 – Maria De Varenne Gannett. I've learned the cronyism in the Tennessee courts is linked to the Civil War. Judges & members of only a few TN ...

    NISSAN has hired Baker Donelson to represent them in a malicious prosecution case that was file in July.   Bovat was told that NISSAN was "playing games" with her.  Sharyn is angry  Her child was 7 when she whistle blew and NOW her daughter is almost 11.  

Bovat wants her reputation back and wants Gregg Morton to tell Scott Becker to show RESPECT to women that STAND UP for equality and for the American taxpayers.  The Leaf fraud is REAL....

Sharyn Bovat pictured with NISSAN executives

Sharyn learned NISSAN was taking the taxpayer money because the company was having a "cash flow" problem.  ALL the bullying started when she asked WHY?

Jan 20, 2012
HOW I Learned About DOE Fraud...... Body Butter? I want people to know the truth. People need to know HOW I learned about the DOE fraud. Since I have a JURY trial February 1st I have decided to tell 100% Everything.

All I want is for NISSAN to mediate and to get the fuck out of this corrupt state that has NO RESPECT for hardworking ethical people.  Mr. Morton I'm sure people are tired of me "ranting" WHY don't you tell NISSAN to mediate then YOU can live your comfy life while others suffer from paying back bond debt that was created by "greedy or stupid" politicians.  

It's connected to SOLYNDRA and Darrell Issa's office knows about it 


When I'm living in a different state YOU and Becker can play in the cesspool pool without anyone asking for accountability.

Sir, Do YOU think it's OK that NISSAN managers "bully" people into giving to UNITED WAY?

Then United way spends some of the $$$  to put up a BILLBOARD on the highway of Scott Becker?

More Later....

Do YOU know Rob McNeilly

YOUR Gonna Be Highlighted In Good Ole Boys Gone Wild....
It's time the CRONYISM in Tennessee "ended"   Sir did you have "anything" to do with the "lease" NISSAN got from the ECD when they "relocated" I was told "someone got a sweet deal"  I think the FEDS should ask questions.  Maybe the IRS too.  I'm NOT saying AT&T has anything to do with it... I just thought YOU might be aware of "details".... If not there's no harm in asking.  America and Tennesseans deserve the TRUTH in how taxpayer money was spent.  Do YOU agree?

We should work together in promoting transparency.  IF NISSAN does not mediate I have to stay in Tennessee to FIGHT for my reputation .. Maybe I can work at AT&T?  

I'm smart!!!

Just ask Scott Becker....
Sharyn Bovat

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