Monday, November 26, 2012

Mr. Morton. Do YOU Know Michael Bloomberg.. We Need Him On Board to Insist NISSAN Stops Doing Business in Iran

Mr. Morton I Was Told Last Week the Renault EV Was a Supreme Disaster.... 

NOW Mr. Tavares (My Former Client Who Uses My Child's Home Address for His COSTCO Membership...Still) Has Delayed the ZOE EV in Europe.  

He's Biting Time for Ghosn to Go.... Renault Has Already RECALLED All the French Made Twizzy EV Golf Carts....

Here's a Way to Make the 1.4 Billion Given to NISSAN NOT a Total Waste.... Basically USE the Renault/NISSAN Lies to Congress as LEVERAGE to Get Them to STOP Doing Business in IRAN.  Tell them They HAVE to Make the NYC Taxi of Tomorrow in Tennessee or Mississippi or They WIll Lose the Contract.....

America has a LOT of Amputees..  The Technology that Renault has can be "an asset" to give to America to "offset" the money that Carlos Ghosn and his executives "ripped off" from America. Why should American Technology that the taxpayers pay for help IRAN and we not get the benefit of their R&D?

NISSAN is trying to get the loan written off or  restructured.

Americans are tired of other nations abusing us.

I told someone today Renault might have to "cease" operations in Iran "just" to keep the companies "good standing in America"  I will encourage politicians to use your deceit about the Leafs technology and to use the fact the fraud happened and abuse of an American (me) happened.  The key is for the Obama administration to have the "balls" to insist on Renault & NISSAN to end business in Iran to compensate for the debt.

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